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Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 6 - Glacier Cruise

Gerry declined to get on a little boat again, so I left him and Gypsy to their own devices and embarked on a wildlife and glacier cruise. It was nice and I got some good shots of eagles, seals and otters, but it wasn’t as good as the Seward cruise. There were too many long traverses where nothing happened and most of the people on the boat took naps. That being said, I was glad I went for the long trip, because the short one just went to Columbia glacier, which is shedding so much ice that it’s impossible to get anywhere near it. After that we went on to the Meares Glacier, which is advancing, so it has very little ice floating around in front of it, and there were harbor seals lounging on the ice floes and napping right at the very base of the glacier face.

An otter just cruising alongside the boat, acting like we weren't even there.

The Columbia ice was even bluer than other glaciers.

This little guy was getting "warm" up on the ice, and he looked so worried that we were going to get too close and make him jump back in the water.

Harbor seals, looking very sad and distrustful.

The Steller Sea lions, on the other hand, were too busy picking on each other to notice us.

The boat got in at 7, so we ate dinner in town and then headed back to the other side of the bay and Cleo. When we went by the stream up the road from our campground, lo and behold, there was a bear fishing for dinner, so we stopped and I got some good shots of him, delicately selecting the appetizer and main course. At last! A bear up close.

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