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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 4 - Valdez

We moved today from the RV park in town to the other side of the bay just below the oil terminal. There are boondocking sites all along the water, so we have the kind of view we like out our front window and don’t have to listen to the fish cannery trucks sitting in reverse and beeping all night long.

After we got settled, we drove up into the mountains. The smoke from the fires in the Copper River basin had drifted into the pass, so the mountains weren’t as crisp, but still beautiful. We went to Worthington Glacier, which is just about half a mile from the road, and walked out to the end of the paved path. There were lots of people walking right on the glacier but we’re not that daring. We looked at it from a safe distance, enjoyed the waterfall coming out of it and feeding the lake in front of it.

There are waterfalls all along the road, some of them pretty spectacular. Every mountain top has a glacier, so every mountain side has the corresponding waterfall, and when we stopped and got out of the car, we could hear waterfalls in surround sound.

After our day in the mountains, we came back for dinner and more bay and fish watching. We saw three Steller sea lions fishing for salmon near the hatchery, and we waited a long time to see if a bear or two would come to feed, but we gave up about 10:30 without seeing one

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