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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25 - Yes, still in Whitehorse

If we stay here much longer, I’m going to have to get a job just to keep myself entertained. The board for the refrigerator wasn’t the problem; it was another board, which hopefully is on its way by air to arrive tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, we’re buying a cooler that plugs into 12 volts and hitting the road.

Day before yesterday the clouds thinned out and there were a few rays of sun, so we drove up Grey Mountain which is on the other side of the river overlooking the Yukon Valley and Whitehorse. The clouds, however, being very friendly, decided to come down to meet us as we went up and somewhere short of the top of the mountain the visibility went down to near zero. We did get a view of the valley for a short time, though, at a lower view point.

By the time we got back down the mountain, the clouds had lifted again and as we drove by the Peace Park next to the river, I saw this little storage shed built like a log cabin. The old settlers built their cabins with sod roofs and this one had a flower roof in full bloom.

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Sandy Delehanty said...

I love this flower roof! I leave a week from tomorrow (September 3) to fly to Belgium. Sylvia stopped by the gallery today with my train tickets, she found a way to buy them on line last week and took care of it. Today they bought a suitcase for Bill. The three of us are going to explore Provence after the French Escapade in Belgium. Follow my blog or facebook, I am bringing a tiny little webbook computer in my back pack to keep everyone up to date at home. Love your blog, so fun to learn about Alaska with you. Sandy