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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26 - Whitehorse One More Time

Good news! We went to the Real Canadian Superstore and they had the ginger snaps. (Pam, I got you a bag. Now if I can just keep from eating it before we get home.)

Oh, yes, and the part came in. Mike the super-mechanic popped it in and everything came to life and we have ice crystals forming in the ice tray. So tomorrow it’s another trip to RCS for the refrigerated and frozen things and then down the road! Hurray!!!

Last night we made another trip up to Takhini Hot Springs and soaked ourselves into prunes. It was cold and rainy all day and we were just chilled through, so it felt really good to get superheated.

Today, for a change, was sunny so we made another trip up to the top of Grey Mountain while we were waiting to see if the part made it. Some of the aspen higher up the hill are beginning to turn yellow, and there’s a little low shrub that is the most gorgeous shade of red.

So now I have good, clear views of Whitehorse and the Yukon valley from atop the viewing platform at the very top of the mountain.

Tomorrow we’ll try to get to the Junction of 37 and from there, we’ll be heading south along the Cassiar Highway. I have references from other travelers for good provincial parks there, so we may be out of wireless range for a few days. Be assured that we’re having a good time and seeing new scenes.

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