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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 29 - On the Cassiar Highway

The answer is – we field dress it out.
--But it’s still a small canoe and even field dressed it’s a honking big bunch of meat.
--Ah but she’s a big canoe, you betcha.
Yeah, you betcha she doesn’t look like a big canoe to me, but they seemed confident. I guess they’ve done this before.

The day started off with sunshine, but we ran into clouds and showers. One of the windshield wipers started flopping around so we pulled off to deal with it. The wisdom of one of the guys on a motorhome list came in handy. He maintained that you only need three things in the way of tools for the motorhome. WD40, duct tape and a hammer. If it’s supposed to move and it doesn’t, use the WD40. If it moves and it isn’t supposed to, use the duct tape. And if neither of those work, hit it with the hammer. We used the duct tape and it worked just fine.

The landscape we drove through today looks a lot like Colorado, with big trees and wide valleys framed with mountains. There were lots of small lakes, prime moose territory, but the moose are on strike. Or they know it’s hunting season and they’re in hiding. Anyway, we didn’t have any wildlife sightings and we were going slowly enough to get a good look if anything had shown itself.

We didn’t make very good time because we were dealing with more bad road construction. There’d be paved stretches with lots of bouncy parts, or gravel.
There was about a 20 mile stretch of construction where we were following a lead truck that really wanted us to move along faster, but in all the loose gravel we poked along at the speed that made us happy. We kept saying we were glad we decided to stop last night at Dease River and not try to go on to Dease Lake, another 45 miles down the road, because it took us almost 2 hours to do that 45 miles. As result, when we got to Kinaskan at 3 in the afternoon, and looked at the book which said our next camping option was another 70 miles along, we decided to stop here. It’s another of those magnificent front window views we’ve kind of become used to at the provincial parks here. Kinaskan Lake is a big blue lake with mountains and the occasional ducks, loons, and float planes passing by. We took a nice walk in the woods by the lake and Gypsy got to jump in the water to her heart’s content. The water’s icy but crystal clear and clean, so we didn’t mind her getting wet.

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