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Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12-13 Tok to Haines

On Wednesday we left Tok after another very cold night. We breezed through customs to get into Canada, and then dealt with the horrible road between the border and Destruction Bay. If they are referring to the state of vehicles after traveling that washboard road when they called the place “destruction” then it is well named. It was fun to see the landscape again and remember places we’d stopped and comment on the changes the season has brought. One main change was, of course, the fireweed that so fascinates me. It is really turning white along the road in the Yukon.

We spent the night in a nice government park next to Kluane Lake. Tent camping was forbidden because of a bear that was hanging out there. We, of course, didn’t see so much as a footprint.

And then we started down the road to Haines. All those superlatives I’ve used for the mountains and landscape? Just take them as a given – they all apply. We didn’t make good time because I kept telling Gerry, “stop up there.” We saw alpine meadows with fireweed everywhere; glaciated peaks, some jagged and some just worn down to a nub by the ice; mountains wrapped in clouds and vast vistas. There was a Provincial campground called “Million Dollar Camp,” that had a boardwalk out to a waterfall and rapids, so we made that stop, too. After we came back into Alaska we passed through a stretch of road that ran beside the Chilkat River that has been set aside as a bald eagle preserve. We spotted two eagles, but plan on going back there tomorrow for a more leisurely visit.

We’re staying at Oceanview RV Park, right on the inlet with another one of those wonderful out-the-front-window views. The couple who run the RV park are having a crab feed of freshly caught Dungeness crab tonight, so that’s what we’re having for dinner. Yum!

This is the view out our front window. We just saw a cruise ship go by leaving Skagway, which is around the corner and up the inlet.

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