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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11 - Tok - last day here, hopefully

It was 34 degrees when we woke up this morning, and there was a frosting of snow on the mountains to the west. Brrrr. And it's AUGUST! The first snowfall is called “termination dust” because that’s when the summer folk terminate their trip and head home. Maybe it is a good thing we are heading in a southerly direction. Little Green Toad is at the glass guy’s getting a new driver side window today, so we’ll be able to roll out tomorrow, all things going well.

So, the saga of the window. We found a guy here Saturday evening who said he could fix it if he could get the window and he was planning on going to Fairbanks on Monday to pick up stock anyway. So he called his supplier in Fairbanks (at home) on Sunday. She got up early Monday morning and went in to the shop to check inventory, found she didn't have on, so she called her supplier in Anchorage. He checked his inventory, found a window, and sent one of his people with it up the Parks Highway toward Fairbanks, while the lady in Fairbanks headed down the Parks Highway. They met somewhere in the middle, made the switch and she headed back to Fairbanks. (Round trip between Anchorage and Fairbanks, 704 miles) Our guy by this time was loading up his order in Fairbanks and waiting for her to show up. Then he drove back to Tok, (round trip between Tok and Fairbanks – 412 miles) got in about 9 and because our phones are being so squirrelly he couldn't get us on the phone to tell us he had the window, so he came to the RV park and drove around until he found us and knocked on the door. This morning we drove the 10 miles out of town to his homestead and he brought us back to Cleo. He'll come pick us up when the car is done. To get the window here involved driving a total of 1116 miles. I'm glad they aren't charging us by the mile.

There is a cardboard cutout of Sarah Palin in the office of the RV park, so Gerry had to have his picture taken with it.

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