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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20 - Whitehorse

Ah, another exciting day in Whitehorse. Yesterday I did laundry, today I cleaned. We made a run to The Real Canadian Superstore for non-perishables. I specifically wanted to get several packages of the house brand of ginger snaps. We got them in June from there and oh, were they ever good. To my dismay, there were no ginger snaps. There were other kinds of the house brand cookies, and I did find Tim-Tams. If you don’t know what Tim-Tams are, then good. That leaves more for the rest of us who do. But no ginger snaps. I’ll stop back before we leave and if they are still out, then I’ll just have to wait until Prince George. ~~sigh~~

We ate dinner at a place recommended by someone we met along the road a while back, a restaurant outside of Whitehorse called the Wolf Den. It’s owned by a couple originally from Switzerland, so there were some traditional Swiss dishes. I had the grilled lamb chops and Gerry had spare ribs. Good, good, good! I will be marking that one down in the Milepost and recommending it as a stop for anyone coming up or down the Alaska Highway.

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