On the Road Adventures

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18–Eugene OR

Here’s another picture of Crater Lake with Gypsy sprawled out on the snow, enjoying the cool on her belly. 


We left Diamond Lake and the mosquitoes behind yesterday and drove to Eugene.  We’re staying in Armitage County Park, a very nice campground which has a big dog park.  Indy and Gypsy are enjoying the big grassy areas for romping.

IMG_1828[1]   We are next to the river that runs through Eugene, with nice hiking trails along side the river.  The water is running fast and cold and I told Indy that “fast” and “cold” are two of three most dangerous things about a river.  The third one is “stupid".  A very bad combination, so not being stupid, she only got to dabble her toes in the mud of a shallow inlet.  Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster, where we learned that Indy really, really likes popcorn shrimp.

photo (1)photo (2)photo (3)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16

We went to Crater Lake today.  We hear it’s going to be hot at Indy’s house today, but it isn’t hot here.


We watched a guy climb up the side of the hill across the way with his skis on his back, and then he skied down.  It looked really scary!  See that little dot about 3/4s of the way up?  That’s him. 

IMG_0156                       IMG_0161

We thought the lake was really beautiful.  We had lunch sitting beside the edge, and then we painted pictures of the lake.


Indy got her fourth Junior Ranger Patch from Ranger Steph after she did all the things in the workbook.

IMG_1811                      SAM_0358



As we were driving back to the motorhome, we saw a deer.        IMG_1824So there are more wild things than just mosquitos.

June 14/15

We spent the night at the Air National Guard base in Klamath Falls and got serenaded by flights of F-15s all afternoon and the next morning.  Then we drove to Diamond Lake just north of Crater Lake.  Indy navigated.


We discovered that there were still patches of snow at Diamond Lake.    IMG_1785

And there was lots and lots of wild life.  Unfortunately, all of it was mosquitos.  Indy caught one in her bug box.  Isn’t it pretty?


Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2012


So, here it is a year later.  Guess I need to be more pro-active on this blog business.


The theme, at least for the first part of this summer, is “Travels With Indy.”  Our beautiful granddaughter, Indiana, is 6 and a graduate of kindergarten, and she loves road trips with us.  In February Indy, Micah and our daughter Maggie, and son-in-law, Shane joined us for a week of watching fireworks at Lake Havasu and then a few days in Death Valley.


Our first stop on this trip was Lassen Volcanic National Park, where Indy worked very hard to get her Junior Ranger Patch for knowing all sorts of things about the mountain.  She also got a Lassen Green Ranger Patch for being ecologically aware.


Indy says it was very snowy there and had lots of trees and lava rocks.  

We also stopped at Burney Falls, where Indy impressed a lady so much by picking up trash that she gave Indy an angel she had made.