On the Road Adventures

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19 - Whitehorse

Again. The brain of the refrigerator has gone wherever dead silicon chips go, and a new one is on order and will be here on Saturday. Which means installation on Monday if the fates are kind, and a day to make sure it actually works for more than one day, which puts us out of here on Wednesday next week. Ah, another week in Whitehorse.

We did see a fox strolling casually across the highway in front of us. My camera was in the back of the car and out of reach, of course. The fox was sleek and shiny with a coat the color of a fiery Irish colleen’s hair and a totally blase attitude about the traffic that was screaming to a halt around it. Once I could get to my camera I kept it in my lap at all times, thereby insuring we didn’t see another wild thing all day.

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