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Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 5 - Valdez

Another fish picture - they are just fascinating.

Apparently the shifts at the oil terminal change at 6 a.m. because there was a steady stream of traffic behind us at 5:30, and at 6:15 going the other way. It’s raining today, and the sky and sea are exactly the same color. The only reason I know there’s a horizon over across the bay is the very faint, barely a shade darker line about the middle of the windshield.

Speaking of the terminal, we see Alyeska trucks all over town, and they proudly have their motto emblazoned on the back of their trucks.

“No One Gets Hurt”

Now, they probably mean that they have a great safety record, and I’m sure they paid some consultant big bucks to come up with something that reflects that devotion to safety. But didn’t they for a minute stop and think that the normal person, reading that and knowing it’s the slogan for an oil company, immediately thinks of it as the second half of a sentence that begins, “Hand over all your money and….?”

Since it was cold and rainy, we did the museum, which was very interesting, and when evening came, we went on another bear hunt, taking Gypsy with us this time. We stopped at the hatchery again, watched the gulls riding their merry-go-round (I swear they just do it for the fun!) and walked down to the shore. Gypsy was not too sure what to make of those strange, splashy things, but she thought they might want to play. She had everyone laughing.

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