On the Road Adventures

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15 - Haines

It is, as Pooh would say, a very blustery day. As protected as the inlet is, there are whitecaps and from listening to the marine radio it is apparent that outside the waters shielded by mountains conditions are, as one of the wildlife cruise captains said, “rather nautical.” We also had to deal with the fact that the refrigerator has decided to go on strike, and neither electric nor propane modes work. So I got large blocks of ice to turn it into a big ice chest, and cooked up all the remaining hamburger. Later I’ll throw all the few still mostly frozen chicken breasts we have left into the crock pot with soup stock and make chicken soup. Fortunately, we’ve gotten down to just a few items left in the fridge with the idea that I’d stock up when we get to Whitehorse and the Real Canadian Superstore, which is Canada’s version of Walmart. Ger found a guy in Whitehorse that works on our brand of refrigerator, so we’ll get to enjoy Whitehorse some more. We know the town very well already.

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