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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21 - Soldotna again

We moved from Homer to Soldotna today. This morning first thing we went to the Pratt Museum in Homer, where Gerry went yesterday while I was in Seldovia. They have a live web cam on the falls at Brooks River over on the Katmai National Wildlife Preserve, which is one of the famous places to see bears. He was fascinated with the action in the web cam, so we went there this morning to check it out. There was only one bear, but it was very interesting to see it looking for salmon.

One thing about Homer – the out-the-front window picture I took doesn’t really show the tidal action there. The gulf is coming into a minus tide period for a few days, so we’ve been watching the tide recede farther and farther from the front window. This was high tide – about 10 feet from that second log.

And this was low tide, which doesn’t look so impressive until you realize that the little black bug way out there in the middle is a person. It was getting to be close to a quarter mile from the front of Cleo at low tide. Some folks were there planning to dig for clams in the next couple of days.

Our excitement for today was getting back to full hook-ups so I could sweep. Sand, sand everywhere. I swept. And then I swept some more. And then I walked on the floor with bare feet. And then I swept some more. I think I got the majority of it though. It reminded me of when we lived on Oahu and I took one of the girls to the doctor for something. He looked in her ears and said, “Oh, I see you’ve been to the beach.”

We have Moosestroodle from The Moose is Loose Bakery for dessert tonight, and we'll stop for more goodies tomorrow first thing before we go on out explore to the town of Kenai.

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Sandy Delehanty said...

This is so fun keeping up with you. I put a comment on your eagles, love the puffins too. I am painting a rooster on Aquabord its great for color and bird feathers, so you could paint these photos on Aquabord when you get home.