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Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19 - Part II

An amendment to Day 4 – turns out doing the laundry wasn’t the most excitement we had. After laundry, we went to lunch at Captain Patty’s where we both had chowder, I had salmon and Ger had halibut, all of which was excellent. We were by the window so we could watch all the boat and bird action out in the water. There were two loons there, so I got a picture of them after lunch.

You look'n at me, sucker?

Then we came back to Cleo, where we saw an eagle on the weather station across the street, so I took the camera and went to get pictures. He posed very nicely for me, and then started calling to someone high above. Sure enough, after a little while, there were two eagles sitting there, being chummy. So more pictures.

But the most excitement occurred while I was taking eagle pictures. Gerry took Gypsy out for a walk where she met a friendly black lab, and the two of them enjoyed a mad romp. And after that was the most fun part. We figured out what to do with that shower hose and nozzle that is in the utility bay outside the motorhome: you use it to give a salty dawg a bath. Why is it that the dog can romp and wade in icy water forever, but start showering her off with warm water and she starts shaking like she’s going to die?

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Sandy Delehanty said...

Wow, these eagles photos are amaizing. How close were you when you took them?

You can tell what I have been up to for months by going to my website, we just put my new show up on the site's first page titled "Celebrating Color". Most of the paintings are on Aquabord. Southwest Art Mag is putting one in the August issue "Value" column, thanks to Cynthia at Elliott Fouts Gallery sending them photos of my work.

Miss you. I am saving up for another trip to Africa, want to go to Tanzania this time. Think about joining me....