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Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11 - Seward

This has been a pleasant, uneventful day. We woke to another morning of clouds, so we had a leisurely breakfast and took a drive down south of the town to a little cove and I guess what you’d call a suburb of Seward. Then we took in the Sea Life Center, where they had the requisite fish, sea lions, and sea otters.

There was an aviary with a sampling of ducks and other sea birds, so it’s probably the only time I’ll get to see a King Eider duck, since they hang out in the Arctic Ocean. I can’t add it to my bird list, but at least I’ve seen one now, and up close so I could see the delicate colors of his pale green cheeks and the feathers that make the “horns” on his back.

The horned puffin posed very nicely for me, too.

When we came out the sun was shining, so I took some pictures of the bay in sunshine. Then we had dinner at Ray’s, a very nice (read pricey) seafood place because it had been recommended by several people as the best place for salmon.

And I must say, it didn’t disappoint. The salmon was excellent, and so was Gerry’s halibut. Then we cruised the tourist shops in search of the perfect stuffed puffin, and stopped at the wonderful little bakery in town for some dessert for later.

I know, it’s a tough schedule, but someone has to do it.

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