On the Road Adventures

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19 - Homer, Day 4

What do you do in Homer when it's cold and rainy? If you have a view like ours, you watch the ocean. Last night we watched a freighter come in to pick up a pilot, looked at the shore birds that were picking at the edge of the surf, watched a flock of kittiwakes swarming over a school of fish and diving in unison into the water. We spent a long time looking at... what? A log? A dead otter? No, a live otter that was sleeping until it almost got washed ashore, and then it stirred itself enough to swim back out to safety. This morning, more shore birds and a still, almost flat grey sea speckled with birds here and there. So, what else do you do? Laundry, of course, especially if the laudramat offers free wi-fi! This may by the highlight of the day.

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