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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 13 - Seward

It was foggy, windy and cold today, so we didn’t do a lot. We walked down to the end of town and back again, and Gypsy and I did some tide-pooling at low tide, only to find that there’s not a lot in the tide pools right here except really slippery seaweed and two varieties of barnacles. We watched the sea otter have his dinner, attended by a hopeful gull (vain hope – that otter was NOT sharing) and had a small natural history lesson.

There are about a dozen piers out in the water in front of us, remnants of a dock, and the cormorants use them for rests. The ones who don’t have a perch are forever knocking the ones who do off so there’s always a lot of activity. Except when the bald eagle decides to stake a claim, at which point all the cormorants suddenly find an overwhelming reason to be somewhere else, and the eagle gets to pick and choose which piling pleases him most.

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