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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 - Seward

I have found that when we have beautiful scenery in front of us, as we do here, the best place to do some painting is propped up against the steering wheel. I have a small watercolor of the mountain across the bay almost finished, and I need to complete it before we take off tomorrow.

We hiked to Exit Glacier this afternoon. It’s one of those hikes that everyone can do. It’s a mile and a half, moderate grades, and a well groomed trail. There were lots of people of all ages on the trail, so there was no danger of being eaten by bears. The little kids all had their bells and whistles to scare them off, and they did their job quite well indeed. Exit isn’t a spectacular glacier, but it is approachable, except at the toe where the water has decided to take over the path, and we didn’t choose to get our feet wet so we just looked at the side of the glacier.

Now we’re back, looking at the otters playing in front of us and watching the cormorants all lined up on the pilings, since the eagle has decided to be elsewhere this afternoon. Tomorrow we move up road, maybe to Soldotna.

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