On the Road Adventures

Monday, July 6, 2009

3-4 July - Anchorage

On Friday, the 3rd, we drove up to Wasilla to visit Deb and Jerry Frost. It’s always fun to visit with them, even if we only get a chance to do it every 5 years or so. Deb’s pygmy goat herd has 3 new little ones, so we got to enjoy them bouncing around. Tigger has nothing on these little guys when it comes to legs made out of springs. Libby the Great Pyrenees guards them, and she tolerated those strange people (and Gypsy) after we were properly introduced. Gypsy was fascinated, and even though she was in a pen with the two other dogs, Abbie and Patch, to play with, she sat by the corner of the fence next to the goat pen so she could watch those amazing animals.

On Saturday, we went to the Downtown market, an open-air market with local vendors. Gypsy even got to go along and she was a good girl, not barking at anyone and letting all the little kids pet her very nicely. She might have had some incentive since I had bought home made dog cookies to bribe her into good behavior.

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