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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 29 - Anchorage

Rafter on the Susitna River with Denali showing its top

The cinnamon bun was the best one we’ve had so far on the road. The Alaska Highway is supposed to be famous for a succession of wonderful, over-indulgent cinnamon buns, but we have not been impressed until now. The cinnamon bun from the Talkeetna Bakery lived up to the legend.

After breakfast, we hooked up and headed to Anchorage. As we got closer, the traffic got heavier until we were in genuine big-city traffic, which comes as something of a shock after pretty much having the whole road to ourselves for the last month.

We’re staying in the Ft. Richardson Fam-Camp through the 4th of July, so we plan on doing some serious housekeeping, maintenance, and re-stocking, along with a long visit with our friends Deb and Jerry in Wasilla. And maybe a museum or two. Big city stuff like that.

I’m already anxious to leave!

This is a Snowshoe Hare we saw on the roadside in Denali - this doesn't have anything to do with Anchorage, but I like the picture. When Gypsy spotted this big guy, I learned that she can yodel, because that's what she did but he was quite unimpressed.

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Sandy Delehanty said...

Hi Theta and Gerry,

I just remembered to catch up and love this blog. Your writing is very entertaining and I am gigling and learning all at the same time. Love the photos! Are you getting any painting or sketching time?

Not sure if you have time to read email so I will catch you up on the Delehantys. Megan (Burke's youngest sister) summeted Everest at 9:30am on May 23, camera crew for Discovery channel close behind, so we will probably see her summit on TV! Southwest Art Magazine is publishing a painting of mine and interviewed me by phone, hope I did not say anything dumb. August issue the "Value' column. I have 14 new paintings done for my show at Elliotts the month of August, need 16. So in good shape. Belgium workshop is full and Santorini has enough to be a go if I don't get paid, so I will be in Europe Sept 3 - Octoberr 4. I will blog my journey too, but I don't spell as well as you do! Miss you, Sandy