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Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009 The Journey Begins

The beginning of the journey to Alaska

We have some very specific goals for this summer in our motorhome, hereafter called MH. We want to be in Fairbanks, Alaska for the summer solstice. That’s one goal. The other goal is to drive down every paved road in Alaska, and some that aren’t paved, and have a good time, see what we want to see, do what strikes our fancy, and we’ll stay until we’re tired of Alaska or the first snow falls, whichever comes first.

We are traveling with friends, Dave and Pam Tooker, and Pam's brother Alan. We left Bellingham, WA this morning and headed for Sumas and the entry point to Canada. Today was the first day that passports were required, and we had ours firmly in hand. After a brief chat with a very pleasant young woman, she waved us through and we were on foreign soil. Or road, as the case may be.

The first stop was the thriving town of Hope. At least, the visitor center was thriving. The rest of the town was very quiet. Hope’s claim to fame is that the Frazier River runs through it and the streets are decorated with chain-saw carvings of all sorts. We walked up and down the streets, admiring the art work and gazing at the very large, very fast river.

Then we headed up the Frazier River Canyon. What a spectacular introduction to the beauties of the mountains of British Columbia. The river runs between two mountain ranges, the Canadian Cascades and the coastal range, separated by no more than a few hundred yards and a deep, furious river. We made the mandatory stop at the Hells Gate aerial tram and rode it down into the canyon to see the river close up. It was an added bonus that dogs are welcome on the tram, so Gypsy got to join us on this adventure. She was okay with the ride down, but didn’t like the metal bridge spanning the roaring water at the bottom.

After admiring the view, we rode the tram up and went on up Trans Canada Highway 1 to a very nice campground just north of Boston Bar. The Canyon Alpine RV resort is a good place to come to rest after a day of driving.


Sandy Delehanty said...

Hi Theta,Jerry and Gypsy,

So glad you decided to do a blog. I look forward to riding along with you (via computer) and learning about all the places you visit. What fun! Sandy

Kitty said...

Yes! I get to go to Alaska! And spend the summer! You've been awarded a spot on the desktop, my one-click ticket to visiting Alaska where the silence is deafening. I hope you enjoy updating the blog as much as we will relish reading about your journey.

Dee said...

Woohoo! This is great, Theyoda. I'm loving the idea of sharing the summer vicare with you and Gerry and the furkids. And the long hair looks good. (grin)