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Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28 - Talkeetna

We had an easy drive down the highway to the little town of Talkeetna. Once again, Denali accommodated us with some beautiful views. It wasn’t totally in the clear but still visible through the clouds. It was as if the mountain was doing a dance of seven veils, swirling its clouds around it, letting the audience see a peak here, a long slope there – what a flirt!

The little town of Talkeetna is the hub for river rafting/jet boating/flight-seeing trips for the cruise lines, so the Alaska Railroad pulls in, swarms of buses appear, people madly make the rounds of the gift shops and restaurants and then disappear again. We had lunch at the Wildflower, where I had a very good fresh king salmon and Caesar salad wrap, and a piece of chocolate cake that is yummy and will last me several days, it’s so rich. Gerry had a chicken and veggie wrap and carrot cake. We recommend the place most highly.

We’re staying at the Talkeetna Camper Park just .3 of a mile from the center of town. Water and electric, and right next to the Alaska Railway line, so we’ll feel like we’re in a KOA every time the train comes by and blows its horn, but it sure is convenient to the town, which we will appreciate in the morning when we stroll down to get our cinnamon bun and coffee at the bakery.

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Wolfie said...

Wow, Theta! I've just remembered to catch up here, and I'm amazed. I love the fact that you and Gerry are in no rush, and are able to take stuff like broken radiators in stride, and incorporate the stopover into your adventure. I can't wait for the next installment!