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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer with the kids: Part II

We took off up I-5 to Oregon.  Our first stop was at the Roseburg Wild Animal Safari, where 4Micah and Indy got to feed a real giraffe.  They had put us all in a big, open truck and we drove along until we got to the place where Mac, the giraffe, had decided to stand in the middle of the road to get his bucket full of yummy romaine leaves.  Mac’s tongue was as long as Micah’s arm!5

Micah and Indy took lots of neat photos of the wild animals, in many cases just roaming around loose, doing their wild animal thing.  The fierce ones were penned up, for their safety if not for ours.


Our next stop was at Lizzie’s to visit with baby Jax, go to the zoo (we haven’t had enough of wild animals!) and to take family photos.

7b     7a   8a

(Oh, yes, Maggie and Shane flew up to hang out with everyone for a few days.  Maybe they missed their kidlets?)

After Maggie and Shane flew home, we headed over to the coast where we made our way down the coast, starting with Astoria.

9a       9b    9c

At the Marine Museum in Astoria.                         Romping on the beach.


10b    10a     10c

Cheese factory, watching the        Riding the Steam train                  Blue Heron Cheese Company brie getting packaged                          from Tillamook to Rock Beach        cheese.  They sampled everything


We stayed at our favorite State Park, Carl Washburne, where we enjoyed the beach until we got blown away and frozen.  That tiny spot near the top of the picture with Micah and Gerry isn’t a dirt spot on the lens; it’s a tiny, tiny kite that Micah had a great time flying.

11a     11b      11c

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