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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24–The Yankee Girl

It was still muddy but what the heck.  We have 4 wheel drive!  So we decided to go up the definitely unimproved county road that leads to the Yankee Girl mine.  IMG_0073
This is the town of Ouray from the road above the town heading south.  Unlike some of the mountain towns like Telluride, this is a real community and it’s a nice, comfortable place to hang out and not worry that you don’t have enough Gucci or Prada to be allowed in the city limits.

The yellows were even more intense, especially since there wasn’t a cloud to be seen anywhere to cast a shadow.       IMG_0119 
I am grateful to the person who invented digital cameras.  I took a LOT of photos of aspen leaves, and everyone can be thankful that I high-graded out a lot of those, and then pruned the photos for the blog down even more!  I’m having great fun with leaves!

We slogged our way up to the Yankee Girl mine.  This structure was used to haul the ore up from the shafts below.
What a beautiful place and then the miners had to work in a hole in the ground!


I think this is one of the best shots of the day.


This was the view from up really high!

The snow had melted partially, so the mountain was even more Red, White and Blue today.


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Kitty Park said...

I'm paying attention, Theta! Great photos and your trip report always makes interesting reading.