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Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer 2013–Catching Up

We were home for a good part of this last summer.  I had the nasty bunion on my foot fixed, so that nailed us down for a couple of months, but it’s all good now and I can walk painlessly.

IMG_3349We escaped the heat of July by going over to Monterey for a week and Maggie, Shane and the kids joined us.  We enjoyed the aquarium, as we always do, and we even went to the Scottish Games at the fairground near the RV park where we stayed.  Gerry was a trooper and put up with the bagpipes as long as he could.






Indiana wanted to make a quilt, so she came to our house at the end of July and we got all the block tops made.  (I promise, it will be done by Christmas!)

We went to the State Fair, where we took the mandatory photo of child on top of golden bear, and at the end of the week Maggie and Micah joined us and the kids enjoyed visiting our friend who has his very own train in his yard.  Indy even got to drive the train!  She makes a good engineer.

2               3


Then we headed off for Oregon, Micah, Indy, Gerry, Gypsy and me!


(to be continued)

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