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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 25–Yankee Boy Basin

55 Yankee boy

We headed off on a nice dirt road (that’s one that’s been graded and is wide enough for two cars to pass without one having to pull off in the weeds) that leads up to the Yankee Boy mine basin.  There were some patches of golden aspen, but it seems to be more sheltered and warmer, so there was way too much greenery so I played with camera settings and artsy shots, most of which ended up in the trash.  Have I said how much I love digital cameras?

60 Aspen road    Golden road.  Or maybe a half-golden road.

64 fern (800x533) (640x426)


Maidenhair fern.  Years ago a friend kept giving me a maidenhair fern plant, which I would promptly kill because it was Loomis and hot.  I finally refused to accept the fate of another plant and have never attempted a fern again.  Obviously, maidenhair ferns are happy at 9,000’ and snuggled among the aspen trunks.

65 Aspen and white trunks

 White trunks and golden leaves blowing in the wind.

There is a large working mine in the heart of the Yankee Boy basin.  As59 road notch we drove by it we saw a cement mixer, several large front loaders, a couple of long office-type trailers and big dump trucks.  This is part of the road leading to that mine.  I really don’t think it’s physically possible for any of those vehicles to have traveled this road, and yet there they are and no other way to get there that we can see!




Here’s a shot of the hot springs, where we are going to go g53 hot springset our final Ouray soaking in another hour or so.

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