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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 Ouray, CO

We visited Ouray last year during August and fell in love with this little mining town.  It was one of those places where we came in, intending to stay a night or two and ended up staying a week.  Since it was the tail end of summer, just one or two aspen were beginning to change their colors so we wanted to come back here in the fall to see all the golden trees and Ouray put on the colors in style. 

11 Road to Ouray copy

This is the road into Ouray.  That torrential rain yesterday translated into snow in the mountains surrounding the town.  We weren’t sure there wasn’t going to be snow in the town itself, but the white stuff stayed higher up.



IMG_0005 copy

We got set up at the little RV park right here in town, and then headed up the Million Dollar Highway to check out the mountains, and quickly ran into lots of vibrant color.

IMG_0010 copy




The sky could hardly be a deeper blue!



IMG_0027 copy


This is what the locals call a Red, White and Blue shot – the blue of the sky, white of the fresh snow and the red of the mountain showing through.

IMG_0052 copy

One of the places we visited last summer was the Yankee Girl mine.  The road (red mud) looked a little too sketchy to attempt today, but the shot of the mine structure from across the valley was pretty with the snow and changing trees.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day it will dry out enough to tackle.


IMG_0029 copy

The aspen speak for themselves!

IMG_0056 copy

After we drove back down the mountains, we took ourselves over to the hot springs in town and had a good, hot soaking.  I’ll have to take the camera there tomorrow.  Now we’re all warm and melty and ready for bed!

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