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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18, Bakersfield

We spent a few more days at Cattail Cove, doing some geo-caching with our new friends, Tom and Barbara. They are much more experienced with this hobby and opened our eyes to a lot of different ways of hiding a cache, some of which are positively diabolical. I still like looking for the big ammo can - there are only so many places you can hide one of those!

The area around London Bridge is pretty cute. They call it London Town, and it's very kitschie but then that's appropriate for the surrounding of a bridge transplanted from the Thames to the desert of Arizona. The lake is beautiful and we agreed that if the water wasn't so cold it would be a lot of fun to take a boat out on it.

Now we're on our way home very slowly. We stopped at the Tehachapi Loop today and watched a train wind around the mountain, crossing over it's own tail. The Loop is an amazing engineering feat and it was a nice day to sit there and watch the scenery. Now we're in the Orange Grove RV park and tomorrow we'll move up the road a little. We have to sneak up on this going-home thing, you know.

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