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Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 14

What a beautiful morning! Not a cloud in sight and pleasantly warm. We did some geocaching, including one find that required us to hike through a drainage tube under the freeway. Fortunately, the tube was about 8’ high, and it made a nice Bernoulli effect that cooled us down. Unfortunately, in Gypsy’s mind there must have been, at the very least, the potential for terrible dog-eating monsters in

there and it took some persuasion to get her in it, and then she ran to the end of the leash and bounded against it until she got to the other end. In the unfathomable way a dog’s mind works, coming back again was no problem at all.

Another cache took us to the very top of a hill with a great view of the lake and surrounding mountains, so the searching was almost an after-thought.

It was another night of fireworks, and I’m sorry, but this time I took video of the show and not very many still photos. I thought the last two nights were awesome, but this show topped them all. We’ll be here again next year!

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