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Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb 12, Cattail Cove

This morning was dedicated to geo-caching in the area around the camp ground. We tried for 3, only found one. The guy who hid the others is diabolically clever, or someone made off with the caches. Once again, we went up hills and slid down slopes on the seat of our pants, got hot and sweaty and in general ended up going places I would not ever have attempted and had a great time.

Then the big event this evening – the fireworks display at Winter Blast in Lake Havasu. The fireworks designers are showing off their wares to possible clients and giving the amateurs a chance to blow things up. How much fun is that? Tonight’s show was the short show. The little show. All I can say is I can hardly wait for the big show after seeing this!

They started off with a bang and just got louder. At one point, they even set off big drums of gasoline in great special-effects fireballs. We could feel the heat from the viewing stand across the field. There were fireworks of all shapes, colors and intensity and a couple of times there were so many fireworks in the air at once that it felt very surreal, almost as if we were in the middle of the fireball. The pictures do not do them justice. I’ll try to do better tomorrow night. That last shot? Yes, that's really what the sky looked like. Breathtaking!

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