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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11, Cattail Cove State Park

No photos today. The past two days have been travel days. First we went up to Tucson from Bisbee, because it was going to snow on us if we’d stayed any longer in Bisbee. We spent the night at the Davis Monthan Fam Camp, where we saw some planes overhead we didn’t recognize. We learned from the news that night that the British Air Force was flying some of their planes here. That’s how you know it’s a military town, when so many people call the tv stations to ask what those strange planes are that they announce it on the evening news.

Yesterday we traveled to Quartzsite again, just for the night this time, and this morning came into Cattail Cove State Park on Lake Havasu. We met up with some friends from the Quartzsite events, and tomorrow night we’ll go see fireworks. The fireworks designers show off their wares here to such customers as Disneyland, so we are expecting great things. I don’t know if I’ll get any worthwhile photos of the display, but I’ll try tomorrow.

Oh, yes, it’s warm here. Much nicer.

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