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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 7: Buckinghorse River to Fort Nelson

Day 7: Buckinghorse River to Fort Nelson

We knew this was going to be a short day. We got into Ft. Nelson by lunchtime, so we had the pick of the best spots in the little RV park behind the Blue Bell motel. Nothing special – just a flat gravel lot with a row of spaces, but it was level and they had a laundry, so it was good enough. There are lots of flowers around town. I guess when you have long, dark winters, flowers are good, and you plant them any place that has a spot for them.

We made the mandatory stop at the local museum. Dave says every town with more than 2 people has a museum. This one had old cars, and one of them had a sign that Pam said fit Gerry:
      I am old and fragile. Please treat me with the respect         I deserve. Please do not sit in me, play with my                 buttons or abuse me in any way.

 There was another mandatory Alaska Highway sign for a photo op. Otherwise, this was a good stop to do laundry and get a few groceries.

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