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Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 13 - Catching Up

 Day 8 – Ft Nelson to Muncho Lake

Grey and rain again, but it's not supposed to last long.

We crossed the crest of the road at Summit, where the view was supposed to be of far mountain ranges, all blue and white with snow. Instead we got fog so thick we were tiptoeing up the road.

To soothe our feelings for missing out on the scenery, we stopped at the Tetsa River Services and Campground because they advertised themselves as the Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galactic Cluster. Oh, my goodness they were delicious! Their cinnamon buns are now the standard against which all other cinnamon buns will be judged. Ooey, gooey, buttery, loaded with cinnamon – yes this is a real cinnamon bun!

It was early afternoon when we reached Muncho Lake. The camping gods smiled upon us and we got three lovely spots right next to one another. Our windshields look right out on the lake, which is a beautiful, glacial blue-green. We are staying two nights here because Pam and I agreed that one of the few things we regretted about our last trip was that we only spent one night at Muncho.

 Day 9 – Muncho Lake, day 2

It's a beautiful day today. Blue sky and water like glass. We plan a really stressful day. There was a morning walk down the lake edge to the lodge, where the menu was still overpriced and the staff was rude. Just like we remembered from last trip. Then there was an excursion to find Stone Sheep, which was resoundingly successful since they were entertaining passersby right next to the road. There must be salt or some mineral they like beside the road because they were licking the ground and not paying a whole lot of attention to their adoring audience.

Judy and I painted a memory of Muncho Lake and then the clouds rolled in and the breeze sprang up, so it was time for a mid-afternoon nap to recover from all the wild activities.  Gypsy is watching us from her perch in the front window.

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