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Monday, June 12, 2017

Day 5 Whiskers Point to Dawson Creek

Day 5 Whiskers Point to Dawson Creek

Rain. Rain, rain, rain. The clouds were so low that sometimes we were driving in them. If we hadn't driven this road before, we would have had no idea that there are spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies to be seen. All we saw was clouds. The road work turned out to be a non-event. As we rolled up to the one lane section, Gerry tried to stop for the flagger but he kept waving us over into the through lane, so we just rolled through like there was nothing there. And on through the rain and clouds we went. The Pine River, which we crossed several times, was high and rushing and fierce.

We camped at Mile 0 RV park in Dawson Creek. It was slightly less of a mud hole than the other parks we passed looked like. Since it was still cold and rainy, we toured the Alaska Highway House, a small museum about building the highway. I knew it had to have been hard, but I had no idea how impossible the conditions were. Mud, mosquitoes, permafrost, bitter cold and hot dust – they had it all in a trackless, densely forested wilderness. It was an amazing accomplishment.

We got the mandatory photos at the original Mile 0 monument even though it was still grey and spitting rain. After dinner the sun made an appearance so we dashed over to the large monument and got photos there.

We are off on the official Alaskan Highway on Monday. I suspect we will be out of cell service for a couple of days.

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