On the Road Adventures

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 1 - The Border to Lytton

We fretted about all the things the border guard might take exception to - citrus, fresh vegetables, meat that wasn't sealed in commercial packaging.  The only things he asked about were guns and alcohol.  Our two bottles of wine were safe, so through we went, and almost immediately the road turned from flat farmland to scenery.

Our first stop was the town of Hope to visit the Visitor Center and check out the Frasier River and some chainsaw carvings.  Have you heard the saying, "Don't poke the bear"?  I don't these guys know that one.

Then we went on up the road to Hell's Gate, a narrow, ferocious part of the Frasier, and took the tram down so Mark and Judy could have the Hell's Gate experience.

We are spending the night at one of BC's lovely provincial parks.

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