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Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 8 -- Creede

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It was chilly this morning with fog over the peaks.  I actually put on my fleece shirt, which I was pretty sure would not have come out of the closet for this entire trip.  The trip for today was up the road to see the North Clear Creek waterfall, one of the most photographed falls in the state.  We stopped for lunch at a little log cabin alongside the road and had a great hamburger.  It must not be secret that this place is so good because the parking lot was full. 

August 9

We moved down to the Forest Service Camp about 4 miles out of town today.  This is the view out our front window.  (I didn’t take a photo of the view out our window at Rivers Edge RV, because who wants to see a whole line of other RVs?)   Now its raining, with lightning and thunder, so we’re going to town.

When we got to the falls, I wasn’t sure which was more spectacular – the water or the sky above.  What a beautiful day!

Farther along the road we came to an overlook down into the valley where the headwaters of the Rio Grande River begin.  The headwater streams have been dammed to form a reservoir, but this is where the Rio Grande begins.  Now I’ve seen both ends of this river.

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