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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7 -- Creede, CO

We went exploring today. Creede is a tiny town, basically only one street, but it has some really great shops.
398 Town of Creede (640x480)

One gallery I had to visit was the Stephen Quiller gallery. In watercolor circles, he is very famous and I was surprised to learn that he is a resident of Creede. Now that I know that, I may schedule one of his workshops some year. While we were there talking to the gallery manager, Stephen walked in, so I got my picture taken with him.

404 Amethyst MIne (640x480)

The drive leading us from one mine to the next was very beautiful.  We saw beaver ponds and some very brave

410 Beaver Pond (640x480)

This is Creede from 10,000 feet.  With all the aspen here, these mountains are going to be beautiful in just a few more weeks.  We may have to come back to see the gold.

416 Creede From above (640x480)

400 Stephen Quiller (640x480)

We toured the mine museum, which was carved out of the mountain by volunteer miners (hard, hard work!!) and they also carved the local fire station out of the side of the mountain.  Then we went on a tour of the most significant mines in Creede’s history.

In 1890 an enormous silver vein was discovered in what was to become Creede and the mountains surrounding the town are riddled with tunnels, shafts and mine ruins from the treasure hunters.  Mining companies are still working some of the mines today.  Some of the original mines have 200 miles of tunnels and shafts inside these hills!

406 Commodore #5 (640x480)

414 Chip (640x480)

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