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Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 4 -- More Balloons

396 skyfull (800x315)

There were a lot more balloons today, and a lot more people watching them. 

I have to wonder how they got balloons into the air in the olden days when ballooning first began.  Did they carry coal or wood to feed the flames?  And how is it a good idea to feed a blowtorch into a silk bag?  So many questions.

This was the cutest balloon this morning.  It’s name is Cutie Dink.  (I agree – it should be Wink)

394 Cutie dink
392 heating it up

Otherwise, we just did a little shopping and reading and napping.  This getting up at 6 AM requires some recovery time in the warm afternoon.

This was the sky during our evening walk.

                                388 Sunset (2) (800x600)

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