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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26 Blanding, UT

We moved to Blanding today.  It’s about 70 miles south of Moab and is a good staging point for a number of scenic areas and ancient pueblo ruins.  We made our first stop at the local visitor center to stock up on brochures and maps, and then went to Edge of the Cedars museum.  It is on the site of one of the Anasazi pueblos and has a nice collection of pottery, as well as a partly reconstructed house and kiva.

  190 Edge of Cedars pueblo

We were allowed to go down into the kiva.  We’ve been in kivas at Mesa Verde but always on a tour with dozens of other people crowded in with us.  It was nice to have the space to ourselves.  There was more of a feel of mystery. 

191 Edge of Cedars kiva 192 in kiva

This is a re-creation of a celestial calendar carved into the
rocks at one of the ruins nearby. 
194 Celestial calendar

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