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Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14, 2012

Thursday was a long day for us – we violated the 2:30 rule:  stop by 2:30 or when we hit 230 miles, whichever comes first.  We got to Ogden, Utah at the height of rush hour, also a rule violation for us, but given that there were two traffic incidents along the way that had us sitting dead still for extended periods of time, it was unavoidable.  But now we’re all set up at the Hill Air Force Base famcamp until the middle of next week.   We have a view of the Wasatch Mountains behind us, and with a little walk, we can see down to the Great Salt Lake.  Turns out we were guilty of good timing after all, because the local community was putting on a military appreciation picnic for the base at the little park right next to the famcamp, so they fed us brisket and salads and ice cream for dinner, all for free!                                            

  93 Hill afb famcamp                                                   94 mts

Every time we’ve come through here, Gerry has wanted to see the train museum in Ogden, so that was the trip for today.  As train museums go, it’s a small one, but they have some interesting information about building the trestle across the north end of the Great Salt Lake.  Of more interest to me (I admit to having a short attention span for trains) were the painted horses outside the museum.  Last year we saw lots of painted buffalo on our trip through Utah and Wyoming, and the theme this year seems to be horses, so this is for you, Indiana.  These are the horses we saw in our tour through downtown Ogden.

80 Union Station              79 Mustang Sally          81 Iron Horse

  Spumoni Pony                                                               Mustang Sally                                                      Iron Horse

83           84 All American pony                  85 Patriot

              A Cut Above                                                 All American                                                                 Patriot

87 P-51 Mustang          89 Carousel Horse             90 Indian Summer

          War Horse – P-51 Mustang                               Carousel Horse                                                              Indian Summer

91 Trigger Happy   Trigger Happy                 We had fun walking through the streets of town to track all all the pretty painted ponies.

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