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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28

We spent yesterday in vigorous pursuit of the elusive geocaches around Quartzsite. It was a beautiful day for it, except that I realized when I looked in the mirror in the evening that I need to be more aggressive about using sunscreen here. Once in the morning just doesn’t do it.

Some of these caches are very clever. There was one named Between a Rock and a Hard Place that turned out to be a tube with a tether that was superglued to the bottom of a rock and the tube was in a hole in the ground. If you didn’t turn over the right rock in that patch of ground just covered with rocks, you wouldn’t find it. Another one named Float had a clue that you needed to bring what everyone needs most in the desert. It was a plastic tube on a power pole and you had to fill the tube with water, while holding a finger over the drain hole in the bottom to bring the cache to the top of the tube so you could grab it. We laughed about that one. Pretty clever, these cache hiders.

One of the caches was right next to a mobile home in one of the parks in town. It was very easy to find, and as we were retrieving it the man in the mobile home came out to talk to us and take our picture. He had been coming down here for the winter for the past three years and said he found it very lonely until someone told him about geocaching and he hid one next to his house. Now he meets new people every day and it’s as much fun for him to watch people find his cache as it is for the hunters. Like I say, clever people.

My favorite of the day was entitled “Crossed when Flooded.” There are arroyos here that fill up with water almost instantly when it rains, especially when it rains like it did last week. The streets don’t have bridges across the arroyos because they’re filled with water maybe three times a year, but they all do have signs saying “Do Not Enter When Flooded.” I know. Seems like a statement of the obvious, but when you’re dealing with the public…… So some fool was out off-roading not too far out of town and obviously thought to himself, “That water doesn’t look too high.” Yeah. It was. But it makes a great place for a magnetic cache!

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