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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 24

The rains have gone and we’ve had lovely, cloudless days for the past day and a half. Everyone is busy, trying to make up all the events that were called on account of rain. Besides, it’s really nice to be outside after being cooped up for that rainy day. Yesterday there were all sorts of small gatherings, culminating in a combination chili cook-off and pot luck dinner. I entered but didn’t win. Since the winning prize was a box of malt balls or a picture of the local bookstore owner who is a clothing-optional kind of guy, I didn’t grieve. All my chili did get eaten, though, which is a win of a kind.

We had some visitors in the camp yesterday. They had a ride planned in Wickenberg but got rained and flooded out, so they came here. It was fun to see them riding through the camp. Another visitor was a little hummingbird who was attracted by the red handles of our emergency window, but he didn’t hang around long enough for picture.

And those little stick bushes? They’ve not only popped out leaves, they’ve put a few blossoms out. Brave little flowers.

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