On the Road Adventures

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Local Wildlife

We are getting everything ready for the summer trip.  I've been playing with my camera with some successes, and some failures.  The local wildlife are my models.  I went down to the pond hoping to catch some photos of turtles or frogs, but I found ducklings instead.

Then I went over to the round pen where the silly killdeer have built a nest right in the middle, which makes it difficult for the lady who rents our pasture to work her horse in the pen.  The horse appreciates the break, I'm sure.  So, the killdeer yelled at me for a while and then tried to convince me that she was a poor, wounded, pathetic, helpless creature who would be easy prey for mean old me.  I let her indulge in drama for a few minutes and then backed off to let her get back to the nest.

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