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Monday, March 28, 2011

To go or not to go

Colorado or not.  Here it was, early in August, and we were checking maps and distances.  There were many factors to consider, but in the final analysis, we had ordered new shades for Cleo to be delivered to the kids’ house because we had to install them ourselves, and what else are limber, mechanically talented sons-in-law for if not to do that kind of manual labor for us?  And it didn’t make much sense to drive to Colorado and then straight back to Oregon, so we went to Washington. 

The first stop was Tacoma, where we visited the Glass Museum.

11 tacoma                       12 tacoma

Chuhuli Glass bridge ceiling                                                           Glass fountain

The glass was beautiful but the part of the museum I liked best was the children’s gallery.  Each month the gallery takes a picture drawn by one of the local children and turns it into glass.  It was so obvious that the guys who worked in the hot shop loved making these joyful, bright works come alive in three dimensions.  One of the staff sais that no one ever has a bad day that can’t be fixed by spending twenty minutes in that gallery.

We meandered our way up the coast, with a stop at the Boeing plant to watch the assembly line in action.  It was more of a slow motion action, but very interesting.  It’s pretty unbelievable that all those zillions of of parts go where they’re supposed to go.

We ended our northern leg of the journey at Gerry’s cousin, Naida and her husband Larry in Bellingham, WA.  They have the best view ever from atop the bluff where they built their house.  They look out over the San Juans and we spent a lovely 10 days just hanging out with them and checking out the surrounding scenery.

16 sunset                                           15 san juan

View at sunset from Naida and Larry’s house                                          Orca by San Juan Island

14 san juan                                                13 san juan

Lighthouse on San Juan Island                                                              Seal pup basking on the rocks

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Barbara & Tom said...

Great catching up on your 'year'. We were at the Glass Museum Aug. 24, 2010. I guess we just missed you.:)
Looking forward to the rest of your year.