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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9 - Lake Louise to Fairmont, BC

The sun was peeking around the clouds this morning and it was calm, so we zipped over to Lake Louise for the mandatory reflections photo. As we were standing there, we heard a loud boom and saw a big cloud of ice crystals from a large chunk of glacier that had fallen off the mountain at the end of the lake. Cool!

Then we drove over to the other lake, Moraine Lake, for some shots there. The mountains at the end of Moraine are more dramatic, but the sun had decided he’d done his duty for the day, so the skies were dark and threatening by the time we got to the lake.

We considered staying, decided we were cold (it was 32 when we woke up this morning – that’s zero for you centigrade people) so we packed up and crossed over the mountains to the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies to a place called Fairmont Hot Springs. We’re going to parboil ourselves and then head for the border tomorrow.

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